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Special Services - Paratransit

PAL Direct

We are working to improve your paratransit service.

PAL Direct Coming Soon

Paratransit Application (PDF)     |     PAL Application (Word)    |     PAL Pass Transaction Form

Curb to curb, lift equipped van service called Paratransit Access Line (PAL) is available for qualifying individuals. PAL's service area extends three-quarters of a mile on either side of or from the end of Metro's bus and rail fixed route service. This does not apply to commuter or express route service.

PAL is a shared ride service and direct trips to and from your destination are not guaranteed. A trip on PAL will be comparable to the duration of an identical trip taken on the fixed route service. Comparable includes all factors such as, travel time to the bus stop and/or rail station, waiting time, actual riding time, transfers and travel from the stop to the ultimate destination. This standard exists except when circumstances are beyond the NFTA’s control (including inclement weather, as well as any factors constituting traffic delays).

The NFTA makes provisions to ensure that each passenger actually gets from his/her point of origin to his/her point of destination. To meet this origin to destination requirement, service may need to be provided to some individuals or at some locations in a way that goes beyond curb-to-curb service.

To qualify for PAL you must be unable to board, ride or disembark from a Metro Bus or Rail vehicle, or travel to and from a bus stop.

Before using PAL you must fill out an application which is certified by a qualifying healthcare professional (listed on the application) and submit it to the PAL office.

Trips are made on a reservation basis.

Trips may be scheduled up to 14 days in advance or one day prior to the trip.

Riders with temporary disabilities may be eligible for PAL.

Fares are double the fixed route fare. Please have exact fare. Operators do not make change.

Sanctions may be placed on PAL riders who have a pattern or practice of late cancellations or no-show trips.


Traveling with Paratransit is now even more convenient for individuals with disabilities.  PAL clients and interested agencies can now purchase a fixed amount of rides with the same discounts offered to regular Metro Pass holders.  The pass is simply hole punched by a Paratransit Operator each time the client boards the van.  The card can be discarded once all the numbers are punched.

Small Price, Huge Savings
10 Trips - $35
20 Trips - $70

Passes Available at:
Ticket vending machines (cash only): All Metro Rail stations, the Metropolitan Transportation Center in downtown Buffalo, the Portage Road Transportation Center and the Transportation Center in Niagara Falls.
Or, by phone (855-7200) Accepting Discover, Visa or Master Card. Checks, money orders and credit card transactions may be mailed with a PAL Pass application.

Pass Restrictions:
The PAL Pass is valid for existing Paratransit services by the purchaser with valid ID.  The pass is not redeemable and may only be used by one person on any one trip.

For more information about the NFTA Paratransit Access Line, contact the customer service office at:
181 Ellicott Street
Buffalo, NY  14203
(716) 855-7268 (716) 855-7377 TDD
Cash office: 855-7200


The PAL Handy Line Phone system gives you a direct link to trip information and cancellation through your touchtone telephone.  If you do not have a touchtone telephone, just contact a PAL controller for trip and cancellation information.

Call the automated phone line at 855-7239. Listen to the recording and let it guide you through the system.  There will be seven options:

To Cancel Or Confirm A Trip   Press #1
 You will need your I.D. # and your Password (your password is your date of birth)

If Your Vehicle Is Late               Press #2

To Book a Trip                           Press #3

To Receive an Application       Press #4

To Register a Complaint or Commendation        Press #5

For Other Information       Press #6

To Change Volume or System Speed            Press #7

If you need assistance at anytime while using Handy Line, just press 0 to be transferred to an operator or press star to repeat.

Once you have entered into the system, you will hear different messages concerning Metro Bus, Rail and Paratransit.  PLEASE stay on the line, you are in a queue and whenever there is an available controller, your call will be answered.

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