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Trip Planning

Entering Locations

To create a trip plan, enter a starting location (origin) and an ending location (destination) either by typing in an address, intersection or selecting a location from the Landmarks list.

For best results

When entering an address, start entering the partial address, then select the correct address from the "type ahead" drop down box. This step automatically validates your location within the system.

The Trip Planner recognizes most street intersections and addresses as well as many landmarks in Erie and Niagara Counties.


If you are having difficulty with your desired address, make sure you have utilized the guidelines below for entering your location. If you are still having trouble with Trip Planner identifying your desired address, please provide us feedback to analyze the issue and determine the best solution. Email your feedback to




The Trip Planner recognizes many landmarks of these types:

Landmark type Examples
Bank Bank of America, M and T Crosspoint
Business / Trade Schools Boces Erie 1, ITT Technical Institute, ETS Staffing
Transportation Facilities Babcock Station, Greyhound Bus Lines, Frontier Station
Schools Buffalo Seminary, Burgard High School, City Honors
Stadium or Arena HarborCenter, Buffalo Bills, Coca Cola Field
Hospitals / Medical Facilities Buffalo General Hospital, ECMC, Kenmore Mercy
Transit Centers Appletree Business Park, Main and Niagara, Portage Road Transportation Center
Park and Ride Lots Thruway Mall Park and Ride, Lasalle Station Park and Ride

Other Query Options

In addition to entering the locations of your point of origin and your destination, select the day and time you wish to travel and other criteria, including those listed under 'Advanced Options'.

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Route Schedules

To view a route on the map

To view route schedules

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Next Departures & Stops

To find a transit stop and the next departures of service using Address or Landmark

How to find Stop IDs

Find Stop IDs by entering an address and selecting the correct stop or selecting a point on the map to find a stop.

To find the next departures of service using Stop ID

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To find a landmark

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