Effective September 6, 2020

Metro will no longer run routes 75, 55B, or 69A due to the impact of COVID-19 on our operations. Resources from these routes – buses, drivers, maintenance, and fuel – will be used to support Metro’s other routes. Details are below.

None of the adjustments will affect the paratransit service area.

75 West Seneca

This route starts in rural West Seneca / Elma before joining the Route 15 Seneca on Seneca St.

Riders may take the 15 Seneca on Seneca St. A park and ride is available at Southgate Plaza, with access to the 15 Seneca or the 42 Lackawanna, or at 2789 Seneca Street (West Seneca Municipal Parking), with access to the 15 Seneca

75 Alt

55B (Williams Rd / Summit Business Park variant)

The 55B serves Williams Rd and Summit Business Park. All B trips will be converted to A trips.

The Summit Business Park can be reached using Rural Niagara Transportation. Call (716) 285-9357 or visit www.niagaracounty.com/county-information/public-transportation-schedule for more information.

55 Alt

69A (Alden variant)

The portion of the 69 between Lancaster and Alden will be suspended. The 69 will continue to run two inbound and two outbound trips per day, but trips will start/end in Lancaster. Inbound trips will leave Central & Broadway at 7:07 a.m. and 7:31 a.m. Outbound trips will leave Lower Terrace & Charles at 4:41 p.m. and 5:07 p.m.

69 Suspended

Effective Sunday, May 24, 2020

Metro will no longer run Routes 7, 29, 54, 68 and 79, due to the impact of COVID-19 to our operations. Resources from those routes – buses, drivers, maintenance, fuel – will be used to support Metro’s 54 other routes and aid social distancing.

None of these adjustments will affect access to our paratransit service area or availability.

Alternative service is available for each discontinued route and the details are below.

7 Baynes-Richmond

This route starts in downtown Buffalo and travels generally north and west through the Elmwood Village and West Side. It terminates at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center / Richardson Olmsted Campus.

Alternative service options

Riders have many options between downtown Buffalo and the Elmwood Village or the West Side, especially the 3 Grant and 20 Elmwood, both of which have frequent service.

7 alt

29 Wohlers

This route starts in the south west corner of Buffalo's West Side, on Maryland St. It travels north and east to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, before turning north on Wohlers and terminating at the Delavan - Canisius College rail station.

Alternative service options

The 22 Summer Best departs just a few blocks from the 29 and also directly serves the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Fruit Belt, and East Side. For individuals traveling north from the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus / Fruit Belt neighborhood, options include the 8 Main, Metro Rail, and 18 Jefferson.

29 alt

54 Military

The 54 Military begins in downtown Niagara Falls and travels north, then east to serve the Fashion Outlets and the Niagara Falls Transit Center.

Alternative service options

The major destinations on the 54 are downtown and residential Niagara Falls and the Fashion Outlets. These locations are also served by the much more frequent 55, as well as the 50 and 52. The major difference is that the 54 takes a more northern route along Porter Road through the Hyde Park Golf Course. The 52 can serves as an alternative for the 54 in the Hyde Park area, as shown below.

54 alt

68 George Urban

The 68 is an express route that begins at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, circles east, south, and then west through Cheektowaga on George Urban Blvd. It merges on to the 33 Expressway at Harlem Road and terminates in downtown Buffalo.

Alternative service options

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is well served by the 24 and 47 in addition to the 68. The 24 has several variants with reduced travel time, including the 24 Limited Stop and 24X Express. Riders on George Urban Blvd have the option of the 46 on Walden Ave, the 32 on Union Rd, or the 26 on Harlem Rd.

68 alt

79 Tonawanda

The 79 Tonawanda is an express route that starts at the Niagara & Main Transit Center, travels through Tonawanda down Elmwood Avenue, before getting on Route 198 and ending in downtown Buffalo.

Alternative service options

The vast majority of ridership boards on Elmwood Avenue, which is well served by the high frequency Route 20 local bus.

79 alt