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#12 - Utica

Effective Date 12/3/2017

This route operates between Niagara and Hampshire and University Metro Rail Station via Utica Station, Utica, Ferry, Bailey and Langfield.

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Schedule Change

This Schedule will be changing on 3/4/2018 . To preview the schedule click on the orange Preview Schedule button below.

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Revision History
3/4/2018 Adjusted running times on 5:00 am inbound trip. Saturday added 6 trips to reduce headway gaps. Weekday created clock-faced headway.
12/3/2017 Added weekday inbound 7:06 AM trip. Changed inbound 6:56 AM trip to 6:54 AM, inbound 7:08 AM trip to 7:14 AM. Adjusted Sunday inbound 7:00 PM trip to 7:02 PM.
9/3/2017 Adjusted outbound 4:56 PM trip to 4:57 PM.
6/18/2017 Saturday, smoothed out headways. Sunday, adjusted multiple trip times to create clockface headway.
3/5/2017 Running times adjusted in AM peak.
12/4/2016 Health Science Charter School trip moved from 2:54 PM to 3:08 PM.
9/4/2016 Added 2 outbound trips in the PM peak due to overcrowding and adjusted headway to 10 minutes.
6/21/2015 Permanent route change, inbound regular route to Utica and Richmond, right Richmond, left Ferry and continue regular route. Outbound regular route to Ferry and Hampshire, continue Ferry, right Richmond, and continue regular route.
12/7/2014 Adjusted running times resulting in changes to trip times and increased recovery time. Adjusted Saturday & Sunday running times for inbound and outbound trips resulting in changes to several trip start times.
9/9/2014 Adjusted times.
8/31/2014 Alteration to Saturday times.
6/15/2014 Seasonal Adjustments
3/9/2014 Outbound AM running time adjusted per supervisor request. Adjusted inbound 5:30 AM to 5:29 AM, outbound 6:24 AM to 6:23 AM, outbound 6:41 AM to 6:39 AM, outbound 6:53 AM to 6:52 AM, inbound 7:23 AM to 7:24 AM and outbound 8:26 AM to 8:27 AM.

12/1/2013 Adjusted inbound headway between 6 AM and 7 AM. Running times adjusted changing several start times.

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