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#8 - Main

Effective Date 3/4/2018

This route operates between downtown Buffalo and the University Metro Rail Station.

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Revision History
3/4/2018 Changed inbound 7:48 am to 7:43 am due to running late.
9/3/2017 Eliminated Maritime Charter School trip due to low ridership.
6/18/2017 Saturday, smoothed out headways. Sunday, adjusted multiple trip times to create clockface headway.
12/4/2016 City Honors High School trip deleted. Added another route 20 trip per principals request.
6/21/2015 Adjustment inbound 9:48 AM trip to 9:45 AM, inbound 3:53 PM trip to 3:51 PM, inbound 10:26 AM trip to 10:27 AM. Permanent route change, Leave terminal on Wilkeson, right Erie, left Marine Drive, continue regular route.
12/7/2014 Adjusted running times resulting in changes to trip times and increased recovery time.
8/31/2014 Afternoon times adjusted. Outbound 2:30 PM changed to 2:35 PM. Altera-tion to Saturday times.
6/15/2014 Seasonal Adjustments

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