The Buffalo Board of Education provides transportation for students by partnering with Metro Bus and Rail. Metro serves 25 schools directly, including public, private and charter schools. That comes to 10,400 students and more than 20,000 rides per day.

The primary focus of this partnership is education. To make that work, Board of Education passes have been customized to each individual student. Special passes are available for sports, clubs, weekends and other educational events the custom passes do not cover.

What can we help you with?

Contact NFTA-Metro customer care are (716) 855-7211.

Special Passes

Special passes are available for every school-related circumstance.

Rules and Regulations



Stay Safe

It is important that your student never cross in front of a bus.  It’s for their safety.  The problem with crossing the street in front of a bus is that a pedestrian can’t see if there is oncoming traffic until they step into the lane. And the driver can’t see a pedestrian coming until the same moment. The bus limits the field of view for both the driver and pedestrian.  In this case the student could be seriously injured or worst.  Please wait for the bus to pass by and then proceed to cross the street if it is safe to do so. 


If you more information, or have questions, please contact us at 855-7211 ext. 6, or email info@nfta.com 24 BOE Pass Chart Web