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Card Questions

How does my MetGo card work?

MetGo is an account based fare payment system. Similar to E-ZPass, your funds and pass products are stored in an account, and your MetGo card is simply an ID that links to your account. When you tap your card on a farebox or faregate, the system checks whether you have funds or a valid pass in your account. If you have a stored value balance, the system will automatically deduct the cost of one ride. If you have a valid pass, the system will accept the tap and allow you to board the bus, or pass through the fare gate.

How much does it cost to get a MetGo card?

A new MetGo card will cost $2.00. Purchasing a new MetGo card also requires adding a minimum balance of $5.00 of stored value.

What info do I need to get a MetGo card?

MetGo cards may be purchased at our Ticket Vending Machines, Customer Service Center, or select retailers throughout our service area. No additional information is needed to purchase or use a MetGo card. It is strongly recommended that new MetGo cards be registered online, so you can access balance protection, but registration is not required to use the card.

How long is my MetGo card valid for?

MetGo cards can last years between replacements. It is recommended that a new replacement card be purchased every 5 – 7 years, or if it is damaged or stops working. If you are using a reduced fare or paratransit account, the length of your eligibility in that program requires periodic recertification as per NFTA-Metro policies.

What info will be on my MetGo card?

General, full fare MetGo cards display no personal information. The account number and chip ID are printed on the back of each card to assist with registration or customer service inquiries. If you have a personalized Reduced Fare or paratransit ID, your photo will be on the card along with information necessary for the type of entitlement assigned to the card.

Can I use my MetGo card on the Rail?

MetGo cards are valid on fixed route bus, Metro Rail, and Paratransit. Certain fare types may not be allowed on certain services, depending on type of service and MetGo account. For example, monthly passes in regular MetGo accounts are not valid on paratransit.

Do I have to live in the NFTA service area in order to receive a MetGo card?

TBD – right now it is not envisioned to send cards out by mail …

Where can I load my MetGo card?

MetGo cards can be reloaded online, on the MetGo mobile app, at the NFTA-Metro customer service center, any NFTA-Metro Ticket Vending Machine, or select retailers throughout our service area.

What is the minimum and maximum value I can store on my MetGo card?

The balance on a MetGo account can range between $0.00 and $200.00. The minimum addition is $5.00 and the maximum at one time is up to $200.00, as long as the total balance of the account does not exceed $200.00 after the addition.

How do I check the balance on my MetGo card?

The balance can be checked online at the MetGo website, the MetGo mobile app, any Ticket Vending Machine, or in person at, or by calling, our customer service center. The balance cannot be checked on a bus or paratransit vehicle, or at a retailer.

Who do I contact if I have issues with my MetGo card?


How will I know if I have enough balance on my MetGo card for my next trip?

By checking your balance at the previous stated locations. You must have a positive balance in your account to board the next vehicle.

How will Rail Ticket Checkers know if I tapped my MetGo card?

If you are inside the paid area of Metro Rail, it is assumed that a valid pass was tapped to enter. If you entered in the Free Fare Zone downtown, a valid pass must be tapped to exit underground. If you do not have a valid pass to exit underground, Ticket Vending Machines are conveniently located near the fare gates, to purchase a ticket or MetGo card, in order to pay for the ride and exit the station.

What if I lose my MetGo card?

If your MetGo card was registered online, you must immediately go online and block the card through your account. You can also call our customer service center and we can block the lost card for you. You can then purchase a new MetGo card, register it on your online account, and resume your riding activities. Any additional taps recorded on the card before it was blocked will be charged to the account. If you have not registered the lost card, you cannot recover the account.

Can someone else use my MetGo card if lost/stolen?

If your card was registered, it can still be used until you block the card. Once the card is blocked, it will stop working. A new card can be registered to your account, and your balance will be protected. Unregistered cards cannot be blocked, and anyone who has the card can use it until the funds or products on it are expired.

What are the locations and hours of operations of MetGo uploading sites?

The MetGo public web site and mobile app are available 24 hours a day. Ticket Vending Machines are available whenever the sites they are located in are open. Metro Customer Service and retailers are open during normal business hours for those locations.

How do I dispute a MetGo transaction?


How to terminate service if I no longer need use of my MetGo card?

You can go into your account online and block all cards, and remove all payment methods. You can still log in and register a new card if needed in the future. You can also call Metro Customer Service and Metro can close the account for you. You will no longer be able to log in to that account once closed. Note that there are no refunds for unused products or stored value when accounts are closed.

What if the farebox is out of order?

MetGo fareboxes have independent devices that can be used. If the MetGo card reader is offline, cash can still be accepted, or a barcode can be read from a mobile device. If the farebox is completely out of order, then no fares can be charged.

What if my card can’t be read on the farebox due to it being damaged?

If your card can’t be validated by the farebox, another payment type will be required. You can switch your active device to the MetGo mobile app, or pay cash. The mobile app will display a barcode on your mobile device that can be read by the farebox if your card is not working. You should block and replace the damaged card as soon as possible so that you can resume using your MetGo account.

What if I buy a MetGo card, and it just doesn’t work even though there’s no visible damage?

NFTA-Metro will replace defective cards at no cost for up to one year after purchase. Visit the Metro Customer Service Center and we can block the malfunctioning card and replace it on your registered account for you.

Can my MetGo card be used by more than one person on a single trip?

No. Each customer must have their own MetGo card and account. A MetGo card has a “passback” feature that will not allow the same card to be used more than once on the same vehicle or faregate.

Can NFTA shut off my card if lost/stolen?

The NFTA-Metro customer service center can block a lost or stolen card only if it is registered. You can visit the customer service center or call to request a card to be blocked for you.

What if my MetGo card runs out of funds midway through my trip?

When using stored value, the account is deducted up to the daily maximum throughout the day. If your balance runs out before you reach the daily maximum and you need more rides, you must add value to the account online, with the mobile app, or at a Ticket Vending Machine, Metro Customer Service Center, or retailer. Otherwise, you will have to pay cash for additional rides until your MetGo balance is restored.

Can I use cash on the Bus/Rail?

Cash is always valid on the bus, rail, and paratransit. On Metro Rail, cash is used to purchase a ticket at the Ticket Vending Machine, and the ticket will provide access to the faregates.

Can I have more than one MetGo card registered to my account?

It is possible to have more than one MetGo card registered to an account, but only one card (or mobile device) can be the “active device” at any one time. It is not allowed for multiple MetGo cards or mobile devices to access the same account simultaneously. You can only “switch” the active device once per day.

Can I get a refund on unused money on my MetGo?

Funds in MetGo accounts can be added with transit benefits cards or other pre-tax funds. It is not possible for NFTA-Metro to know whether benefit or pre-tax funds were used to fund an account. Therefore, once deposited, funds in MetGo accounts can only be used for transit, and no refunds can be made.

Reduced Fare Questions

What info do I need to get a reduced fare MetGo card?


Do I need to show the operator proof of eligibility when using the MetGo card?

If you have a photo ID MetGo card, you must present the bus operator or rail ambassador your photo ID to prove eligibility. If you are using the MetGo mobile app, you must still present the photo ID card as well.

Can I use different proof of eligibility, such as a County Complimentary Card, or Medicare Insurance Card, to qualify for a reduced fare on Metro Bus or Metro Rail?

No. Your reduced fare is programmed into your personalized MetGo account when you are qualified for reduced fares, and only that MetGo card can be used to pay a reduced fare.

How can I pay a reduced cash fare on the bus if I don’t use MetGo stored value?

If you tap a reduced fare MetGo ID card on the farebox, and it has no stored value or pass product in the account, the farebox will automatically accept the reduced cash fare for that rider.

How can I purchase a reduced fare MetGo card for a family member?

Reduced fare and paratransit cards can only be purchased for the qualified reduced fare customer. They must have a photo taken of themselves and qualify for the type of card being requested.

Pass and Product Questions

What types of passes and products are available with the MetGo system?

(still in development)

Can I purchase a day pass, weekly or monthly pass with my MetGo card?

If you have a MetGo card, the value of a day pass is automatically capped when using stored value. If you wish a weekly or monthly pass, you can add these to your MetGo account online, on the mobile app, at a Ticket Vending Machine, or at the Metro Customer Service Center. Retailers do not sell MetGo passes, but you can reload stored value onto your account at a retailer, and then use the stored value to purchase a pass in your MetGo account. Each MetGo card can only be used to add products to the account associated with that individual card.

What if I have both a stored value balance and a valid pass in my MetGo account?

- Passes are always checked before stored value. Therefore, if you have both, the pass will be validated first, and the stored value balance will remain untouched until the pass product has expired.

Are there any transfers?

NFTA-Metro eliminated transfers in 2010. The MetGo system offers fare capping, so if you’re paying with stored value in your MetGo account, the maximum daily charge will be $5.00 ($2.50 for reduced fare cards), no matter how many vehicles you board. You can also purchase a day pass at Ticket Vending Machines or the Metro Customer Service Center. Note that stored value rides on paratransit do not count toward a daily maximum and will be charged the appropriate amount for each boarding.