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Limited Stop Service

More Service is Coming to the Genesee Street Corridor and the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (Routes 24 and 204)

Metro is changing things up to provide more service on Genesee Street and streamlined service to the airport.

The basics:

  • There will be no changes to the 24A and 24B – 15 to 30-minute service will continue all day.
  • We are adding more bus service on Genesee Street. The 24L will provide Limited Stop bus service on Genesee Street. This means it will follow the same route as the 24B but won’t stop at every stop. It will only stop 12 times between downtown Buffalo and the Airport. This will help people get where they are going faster.
  • The 204 Airport Express is now the 24X Airport Express and the route has been streamlined.

Click here for the schedule for the 24, 24L, and 24X (formerly the 204).

The details:

24A and 24B - No Change to Service
Makes all Stops

  • You can board or exit the bus at any bus stop
  • 15-30-minute service all day long
  • Same number of trips as before
  • No change to routing
    • 24A goes to the city line
    • 24B goes all the way to the airport. Some 24B trips go via the Holtz Drive Park and Ride.
  • Look for regular bus stop signs that say 24

24L Limited Stops - Additional Service
Faster Service, Fewer Stops

  • Extra service in both directions from 7-10 am and 2-10 pm on weekdays
  • Only stops at designated Limited Stop bus stops
  • Faster than the 24B
  • Convenient for people going all the way downtown, or looking to transfer between the 24 and another bus
  • Improved service to and from the airport in the evening
  • No additional charge
  • Look for regular bus stop signs that say 24L
  • The 24L will ONLY stop at these stops:

24X Airport/Downtown Express – used to be called the 204 Airport Express
Fastest Service; Takes the Route 33 Expressway

  • Express service to/from the Airport and the Holtz Drive Park & Ride via Route 33
  • Serves downtown, the Airport, and the Holtz Drive Park and Ride, using the same routing as the 204 near the airport
  • 4 inbound trips in the morning and 4 outbound trips in the evening
    • Inbound trips leave Holtz Drive Park and Ride at 6:03 am, 7:03 am, 7:33 am, and 8:03 am
    • Outbound trips depart Marine Dr & Main at 3:50 pm, 4:20 pm, 4:45 pm, and 5:20 pm.
    • Note: No midday trips will be provided on the 24X. Some 24B trips go to the Holtz Drive Park and Ride.
  • The 50-cent surcharge has been eliminated
  • The trip will be served by full size buses for improved reliability and comfort
  • Look for regular bus stop signs that say 24X
  • New downtown routing:
    24 map


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