University Station Bus Loop Reopening

On Tuesday September 5th the bus loop at University Station will reopen to the public and bus traffic. 

  Metro Rail will continue to operate as usual.

Orange bus  Metro Bus service will return to the loop. See the chart below for bus stop locations.

University loop open map

After exiting the Metro Rail doors to the bus loop, routes 8 and 12 will be at the first bus stop on your left. Routes 48 and 49 will be at the second bus stop to your left, and routes 44 and 47 will be at the third bus stop.

Routes 34 and 13 will be at the first bus stop to your right after exiting the Metro Rail doors. The 5 will be at the second bus stop to your right and routes 19 and 81 will be at the third bus stop to your right.

When Buses are arriving at University Station, routes 44, 47, 48, 49, 8, and 12 drop off at their designated bus stop in the loop. Routes 5, 13, 19, 34, and 81 drop-off at the entrance to the Rail Station

The Big Picture

NFTA- Metro widened the University Station Bus Loop to make it easier for bus operators and bus riders. Now there is more room for buses, and for you. This project is part of NFTA-Metro’s continuing improvement to public transportation in Buffalo-Niagara, including new bus shelters across the region, new rail stations downtown, and more convenient ways to access transit service.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.