Rail Renewal is part of the NFTA's commitment to providing safe, efficient, professional, and sustainable transportation services that enhance the quality of life throughout the Buffalo Niagara region.

The ongoing construction throughout the system is necessary for critical safety and operational enhancements.Rail Drone Photo

Scale & Scope

  • Benefits
    • More operational flexibility
    • Enhancements to passenger comfort and information
    • Increased branding and placemaking
    • Less future service interruptions and greater reliability
  • All projects are scheduled to be significantly completed within the next 18‐24 months
  • Represents an investment in the rail of over $100 million
Secured by Senator Tim Kennedy and Crystal People-Stokes for the NFTA to fund a five year capital plan for maintenance and Improvements of Metro Rail.
Track Bed Replacements
Catenary Electric Replacements
Catenary Electric Replacements
Fastener and Pad Replacements
Fastener and Pad Replacements
400 Block and catenary wiring replacements
Humboldt Hospital Station - Tile Replacement and New Escalators
University Station - Panel Liner Rehab
University Station - New Escalators
Delavan Station - Pan Liner Rehab and New Escalators
University Station - Bus Loop Rehab
Humbolt Hospital Station repairs
Canalside Station Rebuild
DL&W Station Open
Church Station Rebuild

Canalside Station Photo

Canalside Station

  • New station rehabilitation
  • Fits within context of existing and planned development
  • Scaled to match rider demand
  • Increased passenger comfort and amenities

Church Station Photo

Church Street Station

  • New station design
    • Construction to start Spring 2024
    • Will provide increased passenger comfort
    • Fit with context of surrounding land uses and design
  • New crossover
    • Will provide better future operations
    • Less delay for passengers
  • Trackbed and rail replacement

Fountain Plaza Photo

Fountain Plaza Station

  • Upgrades to electrical systems at aboveground portal into the tunnel

Allen Station Photo

Allen Medical Campus Station

  • Pad and fastener upgrades
  • Trackbed replacement
  • Switch movement for power cables

Delevan Station Photo

Delavan Station

  • New escalators
  • New panel liners surrounding escalator and stair tunnel

Humboldt Station Photo

Humboldt-Hospital Station

  • Tile replacements at the eastern entrance (completed)
  • New escalators (completed)
  • Catenary repairs (Summer 2024)
  • Floating slab upgrades

University Station Photo

University Station

  • Bus loop repaving (completed)
  • New operational configuration for bus loop
  • More passenger comfort amenities
  • Panel liners (completed)
  • Façade improvements (completed)
  • Escalator replacement (Spring 2024)